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"My boyfriend and I have had issues finding ways to communicate. No more, this does a great job." - Lori

  • Features 125 meaningful cards for connecting on a deeper level with loved ones

  • Includes 4 decks to discuss different aspects of your relationship as well as a wildcard deck with fun activities to bond

  • Will lead to hours of conversation and unforgettable memories with the people you care about the most

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Reconnect and take intimacy to another level in your relationship


Build stronger relationships and encourage meaningful conversation


Bond by gaining a deeper understanding & appreciation of each other

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5 Different Decks


Reaffirm what make your relationship positive and your favorite things about one another. 

Cards are focused on the positive aspects of your relationship. Great for learning about you can make each other happy and what you can do to make each other happier. 


Sometimes the hardest things to hear are what we need to hear the most. Asking and answering these questions can be the first step to major growth in relationships. 

This deck helps find the root cause of issues that your relationship may have in a gentle & considerate way. Also, helps with discovering issues you may not have known were present. 


Questions about the past, present, and future aid in adding perspective to our lives. We can learn from the past, appreciate the present, and believe in the future. 

Cards are focused on growth and self-reflection. Players can get to know themselves better as well as the person they are playing with. 


Step outside your comfort zone to get to the bottom of potentially deep-rooted issues. 

This deck helps to answer some of the tougher questions about life and your relationship. Everyone has questions they may be afraid to bring up to people they care about but this deck helps give you a safe space to do that. 


If things get tense use this deck to lighten the mood. 

Cards featuring different activities for you to complete with each other to lighten the mood and increase bonding. 

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It Can Get Emotional...


I bought this to play with our 10 y/o daughter to maybe better connect as we head into the teenage attitude, it has certainly helped her, as well as us, bond more. Some questions I skip, but not very many. Great for building relationships as well, ive played with friends and family and we all had a blast and worked through some tough stuff.


Absolutely adore this card game, its so fun. I've played with my husband and then again with my cousin and both times I felt like I gained a deeper connection while also just having fun. I ended up buying two because the first one was a gift and my puppy ended up destroying the box. But both times shipping was beyond fast and got to me way sooner than I expected. Cannot recommend enough!


I bought this to have conversations at the dinner table, this worked better that expected. We had family over and brought out the cards and let me tell you, we’re closer than ever after a couple of rounds with this gem.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have full confidence in our product and will offer a FULL REFUND if Unpack That doesn't help you connect on a deeper level!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Roy Rex
Great start!!!

It definitely allows the couple to open up.

Derek Ryan

It's great for building a connection with someone, not for fixing a break up unfortunately

William Iglesias
Extremely fun.

We broke out the cards during dinner and it was just a fantastic way to have a good healthy conversation and learn a bit more about each other bellow surface level topics. Thanks yall are awesome for making these.

DeJanee Moore
Love it

Thank you for great conversation

Masoud siddiqi

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Unpack That is not only a game but an experience that you will never forget. If you want to build deeper connections with loved ones, help to increase understanding in your relationship or to create a safe space for both parties to be heard, this is definitely the game for you.